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Kolkata Beltala (two-wheelers)
Kolkata Beltala (private four-wheelers)
Kolkata Beltala (goods carriages)
Kolkata Beltala (commercial vehicles)
Kolkata Kasba (commercial vehicles)
Kolkata Kasba (private vehicles (from WB-06K); however from WB-06 till WB-06J registered in Beltala RTO as private four-wheelers)
Kolkata Salt Lake (commercial vehicles (from WB-07J); however from WB-07 till WB-07H registered in Beltala RTO as two-wheelers)
Kolkata Salt Lake (private vehicles)
Howrah Transport Vehicles
Howrah Private Vehicles
Howrah Uluberia Transport Vehicles
Howrah Uluberia Private Vehicles Two-Wheelers registered under Howrah RTO from WB-14E till WB-14L.
Hugli-Chuchura Transport Vehicles
Hugli-Chuchura Private Vehicles
(yet to be allotted)
(yet to be allotted) (however from WB-18 till WB-18G registered in Hugli-Chuchura RTO as private vehicles)
Alipore (transport vehicles)
Alipore (private vehicles)
(yet to be allotted) (however WB-22 WB-22U registered in Alipore RTO as private vehicles)
Barrackpore (transport vehicles)
Barrackpore (private vehicles)
Barasat (transport vehicles)
Barasat (private vehicles)
Tamluk (transport vehicles)
Tamluk (private vehicles)
Contai (transport vehicles)
Contai (private vehicles)
Midnapur (transport vehicles)
Midnapur (private vehicles)
Asansol (transport vehicles)
Asansol (private vehicles) The series of WB-38 A #### to WB-38 Z #### has finished. Thereafter WB-44 A #### was started and ran up to WB-44 D ####. Currently WB-38 AA #### has been put to use instead of WB-44.
Durgapur (transport vehicles; also all SBSTC buses are registered in this RTO)
Durgapur (private vehicles)
Burdwan (transport vehicles)
Burdwan (private vehicles)
Kalna (transport vehicles)
WB-44 – WB-44D : Asansol (private vehicles) thereafter WB-38AA has started WB-44E – ... : Kalna (private vehicles)
Bolpur (transport vehicles)
Bolpur (private vehicles)
Nadia (transport vehicles)
Nadia (other than transport vehicles)
Birbhum (transport vehicles)
Birbhum (other than transport vehicles)
Purulia (transport vehicles)
Purulia (other than transport vehicles)
Murshidabad (transport vehicles)
Murshidabad (other than transport vehicles)
Raiganj (transport vehicles)
Raiganj (other than transport vehicles)
Balurghat (transport vehicles)
Balurghat (other than transport vehicles)
Cooch Behar (transport vehicles; all NBSTC buses are also registered from this RTO)
Cooch Behar (other than transport vehicles)
Malda (transport vehicles)
Malda (other than transport vehicles)
Bankura (transport vehicles)
Bankura (other than transport vehicles)
Alipurduar (transport vehicles)
Alipurduar (other than transport vehicles)
Jalpaiguri (transport vehicles)
Jalpaiguri (other than transport vehicles)
Siliguri (transport vehicles)
Siliguri (other than transport vehicles)
Darjeeling (transport vehicles)
Darjeeling (other than transport vehicles)
Kalimpong (transport vehicles)
Kalimpong (other than transport vehicles)
Raghunathpur (transport vehicles)
Kalyani (transport vehicles)
Kalyani (private vehicles)
Islampur (private vehicles)
Jahangirpur (Murshidabad) (transport vehicles)
allotted to some RTO in Nadia district (private vehicles)
RTO India   West Bengal    rto

RTO West Bengal is regional transport office

RTO is situated in every state of India. Each state has district wise or region wise RTO offices. The RTO office will be there with the the number of vehicles or population in area.

What RTO West Bengal offices do for you??

Each RTO is given power to approve vehicles to drive on vehicle. RTO will take road tax on behalf of road and transport department in India. RTO West Bengal is responsible to issue driving licence to citizens to allow them to drive vehicles. It will also renew the licences on time to time period. RTO will take driving licence test to test your driving skill.

How to get driving licence in India??

The RTO West Bengal will issue driving licence to you. To get driving licence , just go to your nearest RTO office with your proofs they ask to show you. Generally they will ask for birth certificate and address proof along with photos. They will examine your proof and after passing an exam on RTO rules , they will issue a learning licence to you. After getting learning licence you can learn to drive vehicle with some specification as 'L' on front and back side of vehicle And a person holding Licence with you. Within six month of learning licence you have to give licence test, if you success ,you will get driving licence otherwise if you fail , you have to apply for fresh learning licence.
How to apply for vehicle registration to RTO West Bengal ??
If you buy new vehicle in India, you have to register it with Regional transport office. You have to pay road tax to RTO as specified , mostly the dealer will do these thing. Then you have to take your vehicle to RTO to be verified , They will check your engine chassis number and documents of address proof and others. Then they will give you an RTO registration book which , you have to bring along with you. RTO West Bengal will make rule you have to follow.
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